Selling Your House Starts With You

Create a timetable for when you want to put your house on the market. Begin to think of the estimated price you will want to sell your house for. we will prepare a market comparables report for other similar properties in your area, including the most recent sales price data. We’ll discuss various strategies for Open Houses and other marketing avenues we utilize to get your properties sold!


Preparing Your House

As part of the selling process, we’ll need to “stage” your property! This will include making room in your closets, removing large pieces of furniture, as well as straightening up the everyday clutter we’ve all accumulated. Of course this is a great help for getting ready to move too!


Open House and Showings

This is a great part of selling your property! There is no better form of marketing than to show it off first hand! After the staging efforts we’ve made, your house will show like a model home! During the Open House we will have the house filled with beautiful flower arrangements, candles burning in various locations throughout the house, and of course, the best part is we’ll be baking cookies, not only to fill your house with the smells of “home” but also to provide a delicious treat to all of the “guests” who will come in that day! Once the house has been shown, we’ll establish your guidelines for placing a lockbox on your house and determine times when other agents can show potential buyers your property.


Accepting Offers

When we receive an offer or even multiple-offers on your property we will go through each of the offers received and create a summary of the key points we will be looking for. We will then present the offers to you and discuss the various elements of each. Once we’ve picked the winning offer, we will inform the other agent and handle the necessary steps in completing the documentation process.


You've Accepted an Offer

Now it’s time to plan for your move. During this time, the party buying your house may need to access your property at various times before settlement. These times could be for home inspections, appraisals, to conduct a termite inspection, or just to take measurements as they prepare to move into their new home! we will coordinate these times so as not to conflict with your schedule.


Closing Settlement

The closing settlement may require you to take a short break in your normal work day. The party buying your home will do a walk through to make sure the house is in adequate condition. This will be done the night before settlement or early the day of. Once we’re at the settlement company, after a few signatures, you get to sit back and relax. Of course, you also get to watch as the excitement builds for the party buying your house!

Client Appreciation

By this time, we’ve spent a lot of time together but mostly it was always discussing staging, pricing, marketing, and other real estate related topics. Shortly after closing, it’s our practice to take each client as well as the person who referred them to us out for a dinner to say thank you for using our services. This gives us a great opportunity to chat about all the exciting new projects you have planned for your new home and for us to get to know each other a little better.

Of course, we have a hard time saying goodbye to goodbye to our clients after closing and their appreciation dinner . So we like to stay in touch. We are always up for drinks, dinner, parties or other social opportunities. If you’re interested in water skiing or happy hour out on the river, let us know, we have a boat here in DC that we love having friends out on. Certainly we hope that’s exactly what we’ve become, Friends! We must admit a selfish thing here There’s nothing better than having helped a Friend find a new home!

Work With Us

We take joy in helping others achieve their real estate dreams and building stronger, more connected communities in the process. That's why we treat you as more than just a client, you’re our neighbor and a valued member of The TBT family.