Finding Your Dream Home Starts With You

Create a personalized wish list for your new or second home, allowing us to understand your unique preferences and needs. Honesty is key, as we want to ensure your future residence aligns perfectly with your lifestyle. Rest assured, we will guide you through the entire process, explaining each step and providing clarity on making offers. To accommodate your busy schedule, we will work together to determine convenient times for home tours, respecting your established daily routine.

The Tom Buerger Team of Compass is dedicated to your satisfaction, available for consultations almost anytime, seven days a week. Depending on our initial meeting, we can even embark on the home search right away. If immediate availability isn't possible, we will coordinate a specific time before parting ways, ensuring a seamless experience. Trust us to make your dream home a reality in the vibrant communities of DC and Arlington!



Some of you may already walk into our first consultation with a pre-approval letter from the lender you’ve decided to go with, others may not. Not to worry, we have wonderful relationships with several different lenders who will work hard to get you the best possible price/rate out there. We encourage each of our clients to get quotes from at least two different lenders. We will provide you with our contacts and help you figure out which quote will work best for you!


House Hunting

This is of course the most exciting part of the process. Together, we will search all available listings that meet your search criteria until we find the one that you can see yourself calling home! This may happen the first time we go out or the 10th, no matter how long it takes, we will be there with you each step of the way!


Identifying Your Potential New Home

After we’ve found a house you can see yourself calling home, we’ll make an offer on it. Offers will include various documents including your pre-approval letter from your lender. We will prepare the offer with you for your approval, and will present the offer on your behalf to the listing agent.

Then, we sit back and wait to see if our offer was accepted. If so, we will work on getting a ratified contract. If it just wasn’t meant to be, then we will set up another opportunity to continue our search. There are many wonderful homes in DC, MD, and VA just waiting to be discovered.


They Accepted Our Offer

Once your offer has been accepted, we’ll be getting ready for settlement. The next few weeks will be spent setting up a home inspection, answering questions while reviewing condo documents, taking measurements, picking out paint colors, and of course arranging times to have your family come and take a look at your new home! We can even recommend a moving company if you need one!


Closing Settlement

On the day of settlement we will complete a walkthrough of your new property to make sure everything is just right. We’ll go through various checklists and of course make sure all four walls are standing! Then, we’re off to the settlement attorney where we will sign all of the legal documents, making your new home yours!

Client Appreciation

By this time, we’ve spent a lot of time together but mostly it was always discussing houses, payments, taxes, and other real estate related topics. Shortly after closing, it’s our practice to take each client as well as the person who referred them to us out for a dinner to say thank you for using our services. This gives us a great opportunity to chat about all the exciting new projects you have planned for your new home and for us to get to know each other a little better.


Of course, the we have a hard time saying goodbye to our clients after closing and their appreciation dinner . So we like to stay in touch. We are always up for drinks, dinner, parties or other social opportunities. If you’re interested in water skiing or happy hour out on the river, let us know, we have a boat here in DC that we love having friends out on. Certainly we hope that’s exactly what we’ve become, Friends! We must admit a selfish thing here There’s nothing better than having helped a Friend find a new home!

Work With Us

We take joy in helping others achieve their real estate dreams and building stronger, more connected communities in the process. That's why we treat you as more than just a client, you’re our neighbor and a valued member of The TBT family.