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9 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Arlington Home for Your Family

9 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Arlington Home for Your Family
From rich cultural experiences to historical destinations, Arlington is one of the country's most vibrant and immersive places. Located in the sweeping state of Virginia, Arlington combines the best of city life and outdoor living with a wealth of outdoor spaces, hiking spots, and scenic views. For residents, Arlington has something for everyone, with a friendly atmosphere and ways for all ages and lifestyles to grow and thrive.

If you're interested in homes for sale in Arlington, VA, you'll be spoiled for choice. With a wide variety of architectural styles and sizes, it's easy to be overwhelmed by options. These tips will help you consider what to look for when buying a house to find a property that suits your family's needs.

1. Size and space

A house might be beautiful and well-designed, but it will not be a good functional fit for your family if it is too small. Think about the "wish list" you made when starting your home search and see how well the home you're looking at matches up to it. In particular, look at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and any bonus rooms or in-law suites that could be repurposed into extra bedrooms or living spaces.

2. Think about your long-term needs

Even if a home seems like the right fit now, consider your living situation in a few years. Data shows that most Americans live in their homes for less than 15 years, with many homeowners outgrowing the living space. If you plan on staying in Arlington long-term and are in love with the area you are buying property in, consider how well the home will fit your family's needs in a decade. Are you planning on expanding your family or having a relative move in with you? This could affect how well the home suits your needs down the road.

3. Renovation potential

When looking at single-family homes in Arlington, VA, always consider whether the property you're considering needs work and whether you want to invest that time and money into renovation projects. Depending on how much work the home needs, it could easily take months to complete. You'll want to evaluate if the property has enough space for you to live comfortably while the renovations are being completed unless they can be handled prior to your move.

4. Evaluate the community

You might think you've found the perfect home, but if it is in a community that doesn't suit your needs, it likely won't be a good long-term investment. Establish priorities for what should be within easy reach of the house you're considering, and think about how long your commute to and from work (if you don't work remotely) might take. These factors might seem relatively minor now when you're particularly taken with a shiny new home, but they can significantly affect your quality of life as the years progress.

5. Don't get distracted by luxurious finishes

A property might be stunning and come with all the bells and whistles, such as a wine cellar, lavish outdoor living space, hot tub, and pool with waterfall features. Still, if it doesn't suit your most basic needs in terms of square footage or amenities, it won't work for you in the long term. Don't get so distracted by a home's multitude of luxurious finishes that you neglect to think about the big picture. In general, it's better to find a home with the appropriate square footage and number of rooms you're looking for and add those upscale finishes later.

6. Look for signs of major repairs

As you walk through the home during the viewing, look for any signs of major repairs, such as structural updates or changes to plumbing or wiring. This could indicate some major problems with the home's primary systems. While the seller should disclose these, don't assume that this is the case. Talk to your realtor and home inspector about potential issues with the home's foundation, wiring, water, and other essential systems.

7. Get an objective opinion from your realtor

Working with a realtor is an excellent way to not only find a home you love but get an objective opinion on that property as well. Your realtor will be able to spot potential issues and things to be aware of early on, helping you make a more nuanced decision. Your Arlington real estate agent knows it can be easy to overlook small things when you are impressed by a property. They can be mindful of your feelings and opinions even as they make you aware of other factors to consider.

8. Look beyond cosmetic issues and decor

Just as you shouldn't be swayed by a home's luxurious finishes, don't allow some minor cosmetic issues or decor you don't like to blind you to a home's overall charm. These elements can easily be changed to give the property a new look and feel. A fresh coat of paint or decor that suits your style can make the home feel like it was meant to be yours all along.

9. Trust your instincts

Looking at houses can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a tight timeline to find a home and make an offer. As you work through your list of must-haves for a home, don't forget to check in with yourself. Your instincts can be a powerful indicator of whether a home is truly right for you. If you get a good feeling about a property, lean into that and investigate why that particular property could be the right fit. Alternatively, don't be afraid to walk away if you can't connect with a property. With a little bit of research and planning and the assistance of an adept realtor, you can find your Arlington dream home.

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